For every successful referral, start earning up to 15% commission!

How do I get started?

To get set up, you need to create an Watelves account and join. Joining is quick, simple, and free.

Who can sign up?

Any website can apply for the affiliate program, although Watelves does have certain criteria. Our company reserves the right to refuse any applicant, especially if the site contains explicit language or content.

How can I advertise?

Choose from our range of Watelves products and pick the ones that you’d like to advertise to your customer base. It doesn’t matter who you are – whether you’re a small social media influencer, blogger, or huge network, our simple linking tools can meet all of your advertising needs in this area. These linking tools will help you monetize, with the toolbar aiding you in easily adding links and monitoring your earnings. You can navigate your way to any of our product details pages and even build short links from the toolbar. Furthermore, you can enhance your product links with product previews or promotional banners that we can serve straight to your site.

What do I earn?

Once you get properly set up, you can start earning a 15% commission on any successful referrals. These commissions can come from all qualifying purchases, not just the specific products that you advertised. If this wasn’t enough, our competitive conversion rates can help you maximise your all-important earnings.





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