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Little do you know about barefoot shoes?

Posted by Steven Han on

During thousands of years of human evolution, barefoot has always been the main natural movement mode of human beings. Barefoot shoes are like the "second skin" of the foot, completely changing the concept of "barefoot"...

Things To Consider Before Kayaking Without Footwear!

Posted by Steven Han on

Paddling sports are fun, relaxing, and great to exercise. You can kayak barefoot, but it's generally not recommended. Although it can be more convenient and comfortable to paddle without footwear, it's not always safe. Kayaking barefoot...

Why You Shouldn’t Hit the Beach without Water Shoes

Posted by Steven Han on

Hitting the beach without water shoes is like going out to a ski hill without proper snow gear. It’s just not right. Water shoes are designed to let the water drain away, so your feet...

Why do you like water shoes?

Posted by Steven Han on

Introduction When it comes to water shoes, there are three important factors that you need to consider if you want to get the best pair for yourself: protection, comfort and versatility.   Protection – Water...

The Top 6 Best Reasons, Why Water Shoes

Posted by Steven Han on

Having the right shoes on when venturing into the waters is as important as wearing the right outfit. Whether you’re going boating, snorkeling or just taking a leisurely walk in the beach, you need to...