Is water shoe necessary? -

Is water shoe necessary?

Water shoes are now part of our daily life when we go on vacation to the sea. Water shoes are also essential when we practice aquatic activities ( snorkeling, longe-coast, canyoning , etc.) nautical (sailing, kayaking, etc.). You certainly want to know more about their role and understand why they are essential? You are in the right place. When it comes to protection, water shoes are still the best bet, here are the reasons why.

The dangers that water shoes protect you from many often overlooked risks.

Hazardous Water Protection

The sea or ocean is home to unknown species and microorganisms. In other words, species almost invisible to the human eye. These species can pose a threat to you while scuba diving or even just walking through the water. In this case, water shoes protect you from the bites of all kinds of species, such as jellyfish, for example.

Suppose that during a hike you come across a waterlogged track. If you are in the company of your water shoes, you will be able to protect yourself from microorganisms , since the water can be dirty and infectious. Water shoes allow you to escape infection .

You have no idea what might be underwater. There may be pebbles or slippery rocks, sharp crustacean shells or glass. Water shoes protect you from all these dangers ( injuries , sprains and blisters ). It's the same for mountain hikes.


Shock protection

A shock is a jamming, crushing, puncture, puncture or cut. This happens frequently. There are a multitude of water shoes that will allow you to protect yourself from the dangers lurking in the water, under the sand but also in town, when your aquatic outing is over. Remember to choose them well according to the use you want to make of them. in the last case mentioned, you will have to choose water shoes that are more resistant than usual and intended for walking in town.

Think carefully about how you will use your water shoes. Only in water or also in sand? In the water and in the sand but why not also in town to reach the accommodation or the campsite?


Protection against sunburn

A sunburn can happen so quickly! And on the beach, this is one of the main risks. Have you ever had a sunburn on your foot? It is very painful and it can clearly ruin your vacation.

Wearing water shoes can therefore protect you from this type of inconvenience and allow you to take your seaside walks more serenely while keeping the unique sensation of feeling the lapping of the waves on your ankles.


Slip protection

The risks associated with a displacement action include:

slides , wrong moves. These induce falls or injuries . Slips are the most common and cause level falls or twists .

A suitable grip sole can be useful. It is necessary to analyze the soils well to recommend an adequate crampon. It is better to opt for nitrile rubber, which is the most grippy material on a smooth floor. It is also common to twist your ankle just by stepping over an obstacle .


Protection is also comfort. Water shoes are made to protect you.

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