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A Practical Guide to Yoga Beginners

Before exercising, many yoga enthusiasts do not know how to exercise/how to exercise/when is the most suitable time to exercise. When you start doing yoga, it's hard to know what you really need to buy. The yoga industry continues to develop new clothing and shoes.

It is necessary to know that the appropriate equipment can:


  1. The effect of modifying the body: Tighten the flesh on the body, in fact, it will not cause discomfort during exercise due to tightness.


  1. The role of protecting the body: the simplest example is sports bra. When girls are exercising, no matter what type of exercise, they must wear sports bra.


  1. Perspiration effect: This kind of functional clothing basically chooses special fabrics, which can help sweat to evaporate faster during exercise


  1. Energy blessing: bright sportswear will add self-confidence to you, instant blessing, full of energy


  1. Nurturing effect: The top of the yoga clothes is longer, and the pants are high-waisted, just to ensure that your abdomen/navel is also covered when doing different poses, especially the navel is not blown by the wind.



So, what are the Essential Equipment for yoga ?


Yoga mat

Of course, the inseparable part of yoga is the small yoga mat. Don't underestimate it. Minutes are the key to whether you practice yoga well:

Slip resistance: ★★★★★

Using an environmentally friendly natural rubber base surface and a soft and elastic felt layer, the innovatively developed GripForMe process material has a super anti-slip grip, making it the most anti-slip yoga mat at present.


Resilience: ★★★★★

The padded felt inner layer creates a soft cushioning that protects support areas such as knees, ankles and wrists.


Durability: ★★★★☆

It is easy to leave marks when used, and it cannot be folded in half. It should be carefully cleaned after each use. With good maintenance, the lifespan is good.


Sports Bra

Why choose to exercise Bra, because the breast is located on the pectoralis major muscle, mainly composed of fat, mammary gland and connective tissue, of which the suspensory ligament has a great support for the breast.

Any strenuous movement of the chest during exercise will make these ligaments stretch and tighten, and it is easy to cause breast sagging in the long run.

Although the exercise intensity of yoga is not very large, it is still necessary to choose a suitable exercise Bra.


Yoga pants

When practicing yoga, loose and comfortable yoga clothes are essential! The movements of yoga are relatively soft and the amplitude is relatively large. Clothes that are too close to the body are not good for the stretchability of the movement. Therefore, the pants are mainly comfortable and natural. Comfortable clothing allows the body to move freely and avoid restricting your body and breathing


Yoga footwear

To be clear, yoga socks are not a requirement to attend a class. In fact, it's preferable to do yoga barefoot. That said, if you can't fathom the thought of having bare feet, invest in a pair of yoga socks with grips on the bottom so you can keep your feet covered while maintaining good traction. Standard socks absolutely won't do, as you'll end up slipping and sliding all over your mat.


Now you can enjoy your first yoga experience. Getting started is the most important thing.  Don't worry, Watelves will be with you all the way.

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