Advantages Of Barefoot Shoes -

Advantages Of Barefoot Shoes

Back to the natural rolling motion | Advantage No. 1

One of the main differences between barefoot running shoes and running in normal street shoes is the rolling motion. The sole of conventional shoes is much thicker (especially in the heel area) and stiffer than that of minimalist barefoot shoes.

Because of the more flexible sole, the toes in barefoot shoes can perform their natural function in the walking movement much better, both cushioning the movement at the moment of stepping and pushing the foot off the ground at the end of the stride.

The rolling movement is therefore not dictated by the shape of the shoe and the sole, but takes its natural course. With a trained barefoot run, your step is therefore just as well cushioned as with the cushioning of a thick sole of a street shoe, but the stress on the joints is less in the long term.

Strengthening the muscles of the feet and legs | Advantage No. 2

Since the sole of minimalist barefoot shoes is much thinner and more flexible, the foot has to work much harder in barefoot shoes - whether it's normal walking or compensating for uneven terrain.

The foot and leg muscles are therefore significantly more stressed and trained when walking barefoot. People with flat feet can thus rebuild their foot arch in the long term through regular barefoot walking, for example, and may no longer be dependent on orthopedic insoles.

Stronger and more responsive muscles in the feet also reduce the risk of twisting an ankle.


Positive influence on posture & pain in the body | Benefit No. 3

Regular barefoot running can strengthen not only the foot and leg muscles, but also the back muscles.

A healthier, more upright posture and the natural, joint-friendly cushioning of barefoot running can have a positive effect on other areas of the body and thus possibly also be a solution for existing pain, e.g. in joints, knees, hips or back.


Mindfulness & well-being through the barefoot feeling | Advantage No. 4

For me personally, this is a very important advantage of barefoot walking! Due to the thin sole, you feel the ground on your heel, toes and ball of the foot very intensively - stones, grass, roots, but also the temperature of the ground.

Your awareness of the ground you are walking on, but also of the environment you are walking in, is much higher than in normal street shoes - also because in barefoot shoes you automatically pay more attention to the ground to avoid stepping on sharp stones.

In barefoot shoes you feel more connected to the environment. In addition, barefoot running decelerates, because you automatically run a little slower in barefoot shoes, because long, hasty steps do not feel so pleasant and also do not correspond to the optimal running technique in barefoot shoes.

Prevention of malpositions of feet & toes | Advantage No. 5

In barefoot shoes, your feet and toes enjoy maximum freedom compared to "normal" shoes. Unlike in normal street shoes, they are not constricted and "squeezed". Deformities foot and toes, such as hallux valgus or hammertoes, can be partly due to wearing street shoes.

Wearing barefoot shoes prevents this risk.


Strengthening of immune system & well-being | Advantage No. 6

Running in barefoot shoes on uneven, rooty forest ground is like a massage for the sole of your foot. Through the direct contact with the ground, the foot reflex zones are super stimulated and the blood circulation is stimulated, which has a positive effect on your general well-being.

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