Are barefoot shoes good for high arches? -

Are barefoot shoes good for high arches?

Barefoot running means giving your feet a break and reconnecting with nature. It may not be easy at first, but we think anyone thinking about switching to barefoot running shoes should give it a try! The biggest obstacle for many people is an arch that is too high, which can cause shin pain or other problems (we have tips on how to avoid these). If this sounds familiar, read on, we'll talk about it in this blog:


What is a high arch?

How to treat high arches of the foot traditionally.

Does the strength of the arch of the foot matter?

How walking barefoot affects the strength of the arch of the foot


How do you recognize high arches in your feet?

You can tell if you have a high arch by the footprint you leave when you step on a piece of cardboard with wet feet. In a person who has a relatively high arch, only the forefoot and heel are imprinted in this case, while someone whose shoes sit comfortably above the ankle will have an even wider imprint on both sides near where they step off.


What is the podiatrist's solution for a high arch?

The foot is a complex structure that supports our body and accompanies us through life, but it is also prone to many disorders. The podiatrist's solution for high arches is usually expensive insoles and "supportive" shoes. However, these can be a problem because they actively weaken the foot muscles, which can lead to more problems in the future when you need support for your feet!


What is more important, foot strength or arch height?

If you have high arches, foot strength is important to relieve pain and inflammation. Stronger feet are better able to support body weight without hurting or restricting movement. The problem with insoles that support this structure by making them immobile instead of strengthening the muscles the way you want them to is that they weaken over time from lack of use, leading to other problems like instability when walking/dancing!


Walking barefoot means that more muscles and tendons are used in the feet, including those near the arches. Shorter strides cause you to land on your midsection rather than your heels, which helps strengthen these important body parts - so if you want stronger feet, wear as few shoes as possible when walking or running!


There is evidence that barefoot running actually strengthens the feet.


Most research studies have shown that regular contact with the natural environment can help children develop stronger feet and solve problems with their posture. For example, one study from India found that children who walked barefoot in school had wider feet than those who wore shoes regularly - this is because activities put more stress on their feet, causing them to take steps forward instead of inward, as many people who suffer from flat feet do. Another recent clinical study conducted by the University of Delaware showed that arch height improved after just six weeks - and that's without any exercise equipment! And finally, an independent analysis recently found that running without shoes reduces pronation when you put in more effort while respecting your body's needs.


This is not to say that barefoot running is for everyone with a high arch. But it is worth considering if you have a history of foot problems or are uncomfortable in your current shoes! We recommend two things: see an expert and take it slow when starting out in Bare Feet Paradise.


Or you may can change a pair of barefoot shoes, it can helps you to strength your feet with ground before barefoot.


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