Are barefoot shoes good for the gym? -

Are barefoot shoes good for the gym?

YES, the answer is accurate, barefoot shoes is beneficial for for weighting lift and cross fit, here are reasons why:


1.More stability

The soles of ordinary shoes are compressible, that is, the heavier the load, the flatter the sole will be, so when you are performing the action, this brings a platform of inconsistency (instability). Barefoot shoes, on the other hand, they have rubber soles, so you don't have to worry about slipping), so you have a constant, stable surface that allows you to perform the movement without being unstable as the sole is compressed.

Similarly, this also ensures that you can exert your strength on a solid and stable base, and the force from your body can react more directly to your muscles and movements.



Barefoot training shoes usually have a heel of at least a few centimeters, and the heel pad increases the ankle's range of motion, allowing you to squat lower. In addition to allowing you to squat lower, it also keeps your chest upright.

It will also help improve your overall posture, and you will find yourself sitting up straighter. A straighter torso means more opportunities to send the bar in the opposite (up) direction. And the heel allows you to activate more muscle tissue to send the bar up.


  1. Natural Lower Body Starting Positions

When we elevate the heels, we put the foot into a natural degree of plantar flexion. This initial starting plantar flexion then shifts our weight slightly forward and creates an environment where dorsi flexion can be slightly easier to achieve.


  1. Potential for Increased Force Production

Another benefit of training barefoot especially in the context of lower body movements is the potential to increase our power output. To better produce power in most static strength contexts, we need an initially stable base to work from.


5.Relaxes Feet

According to a study, walking with barefoot shoes reduces blood pressure levels. It also reduces the stress of a person as it lowers the stress hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for inducing our flight or fight response. So, when this hormone is reduced, so does our stress and anxiety. 

Relaxed feet will encourage you to feel healthy again. It regains the energy and encourages you to engage in other exercises such as running, squatting, etc. Promoting a healthy life is essential, and it starts with your foot energy. And feeling like you’re wearing nothing under your feet produces more foot energy. 


When you go to gym next time, why don’t you get a pair of Watelves barefoot shoes?

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