Are water shoes good for kids feet ? -

Are water shoes good for kids feet ?

Watelves bathing shoes and water shoes for children are particularly light, non-slip and their fit is well adapted to the associated activities. Watelves focuses on ultra-light material with soft and quick-drying properties in the production of water shoes. Watelves bathing shoes are suitable for normal beach vacations, just as for boating, surfing, sailing and other activities on and in the water.


Children like bathing shoes because they protect their feet from stones and other objects on the natural beach. They provide more safety while bathing and do not interfere with swimming due to their light weight.


The Watelves bathing shoes are made of synthetic material for the upper material. This is lightweight and durable and dries quickly after bathing. Inside Watelves relies on breathable textile which is as thin as a second skin. The non-slip rubber sole is flexible and always allows you to feel the ground. The heel is flat, but still present at 5 mm.


Features summarized

Upper material: synthetic

Inner material: textile. Breathable, thin, like a skin.

Sole: Non-slip and high quality rubber sole.

Heel height: 0.5 cm

Heel Shape: Flat

Shaft width: Normal, flexible



How flexible the bathing shoes for kids are can be wonderfully seen when they are rolled up. Of course, due to the flexibility, the packing size of the children's shoes is also really impressive. They simply fit into any pocket. In doubt in the pocket.

Advantageous is also that the bathing shoes float independently on the water. If children ever lose the shoes in the water, they will not dive. Even if they are completely soaked with water, they will still come up without any problems.


The profile of the sole in combination with the flexibility, passes the structure from the ground directly to the foot. This maintains a natural barefoot feel. Children step safely with the shoes. Under water, even stones are no problem. The foot is protected from scratches and stepping on pointed objects is no longer unpleasant at all.


Every child can put on and take off the shoes by himself. The light elastic band on the edge of the shaft provides a good hold on the foot. However, it is so slightly stretchy that there are no unpleasant pressure points. It also makes it easier to put on the shoes independently.

The durability of the Watelves swimming and bathing shoes is appropriate for the price. They are super affordable and easily make a whole season. At the latest, children's feet are usually outgrown anyway. The colors fade with a lot of sun. However, the material remains functional and reliable.

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