Breath in Nature -

Breath in Nature

Now we have been in reinforced concrete buildings for too long and have little experience with nature. The busy learning and working make many people more and more nervous and have great mental pressure. Time to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and stop and relax.


Sunrise and sunset, the clouds in the sky, the flowers and trees on the ground, and the mountain Peak.Who can resist these beautiful things? Nature is like a painter who presents his exquisite works of art to us.Looking at these comforting pictures, the restlessness in our heart seems to be smoothed out and we gradually feel calm.


Healing body and mind

Urban life overwhelms our senses. This is a factor that contributes to stress.Natural environment like forest can relax our body and mind. Nature is like a good medicine that plays a calming role.In nature, you do not have to face daily worries and threats.

Inspires new ideas

We often have to face the computer when we are dealing with affairs. We should give our eyes some time to rest.The green of nature can relax our eyes and stimulate our creativity.

In the busy life, we need to relax the tired body and mind. Nature is a great place to go.In ordinary life, we are often forced to concentrate consciously. This makes us tired and depletes our energy.

Nature allows us to effortlessly direct our attention to various green plants that naturally and easily open a dialogue with us and "recharge" us. A short stay in nature can empty our mind and our attention is restored, allowing us to reflect on our lives and explore further possibilities.


Stress Relief

Modern scientific research shows that because the human body is a conductor, it often has the ability to absorb static electricity.When there is too much static electricity in the human body and there is no place to discharge it, static electricity causes problems in the body, affects the balance of the human endocrine body, affects people's mood, and causes insomnia and worry.


Therefore, we should always make contact with the earth, walk barefoot or sit barefoot and lie on the grass.This not only makes people feel comfortable and refreshing, but also eliminates our insomnia and problems.We can go to the outdoor green areas, forest and park, walk often and get in touch with the green nature.If you can't walk barefoot, you can wear barefoot shoes, and the static electricity of the human body can be released to the earth through the soles of barefoot shoes.


All this explains why beautiful nature makes us more relaxed? Why nature improves our mood? Enjoy nature and find the fun in vacation!

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