Six Points You Should Know About Barefoot Shoes -

Six Points You Should Know About Barefoot Shoes

Do you know about barefoot shoes? People who have experience with barefoot shoes know that barefoot shoes can provide a healthier and freer movement pattern. This article will tell you the common features of barefoot shoes and explain the advantages of barefoot shoes.

1.the soles of barefoot shoes are very thin
Barefoot shoes have thin soles, so we wear them as if we are not wearing them. The thinner the sole, the stronger the barefoot experience. Because of the thin soles, the feet perceive the information of the ground better, which stimulates the blood circulation in the feet. Of course, it is not true that the thinner the sole is, the better it is. If the sole is too thin, it is more likely that your foot will be injured if you step on sharp rocks or jump a lot forcefully. We suggest you just try barefoot shoes, you can walk on the soft grass and gradually adapt to the changes that barefoot shoes bring.

The soles of barefoot shoes generally have complex patterns that provide good traction.

The soles of barefoot shoes are preferably made of rubber. The soft rubber is elastic and gives the sole some flexibility and foldability, allowing your feet to turn freely and flexibly. Compared with stiff shoes, it will exercise your foot muscles more and improve the muscle strength of your feet.

2.Breathability of Barefoot Shoes
The upper of the barefoot shoe features a lightweight and comfortable mesh fabric

a cool and comfortable environment for your feet and allows your feet to breathe more freely. Iceunicorn's upper composition is a combination of 95% polyester and 5% spandex.

Polyester fabric increases the durability of the shoe. Spandex is a relatively expensive material. Adding a small amount of spandex makes the shoes more elastic and breathable.

3.Light weight of barefoot shoes
The weight of barefoot shoes is very light and not bulky, generally within 500g. You will not get tired! The lighter your barefoot shoes are, the lighter your step will be.

4.The natural shape of barefoot shoes
Barefoot shoes mimic our feet and have a special five-finger design. Wide toes provide more space for your toes than pointed shoes and help prevent thumb inflammation or toe disease. Wearing barefoot shoes can help prevent future foot health problems.

5.Zero Drop of Barefoot Shoes
The sole height of barefoot shoe is the same in front and back, it has no heel. Put it on and your feet are completely on the ground as if you were not wearing shoes. Athletic shoes with heels cause stress imbalance in different parts of our spine, which leads to spine diseases after a long time. But full flat barefoot shoes help to balance and stabilize the whole body.

6.Barefoot shoes have no arch support.
When wearing air-cushioned shoes with wide arch support, the arch support in the shoe reduces the proprioceptive input and weakens the muscle strength and ligament strength of the sole of the foot. Our feet become flatter and flatter without training. Putting in an arch support will only make your foot worse. By wearing barefoot shoes, your feet will lose the arch support, which will gradually get rid of the arch support. For patients with flat feet, we recommend you to use barefoot shoes under the guidance of a professional doctor to restore the health of your feet.

I hope that after reading this article, you can have your own barefoot shoes. Let's explore the secrets of barefoot shoes, experience how barefoot laces give you an unusual feeling. Healthy and natural sneakers you deserve.
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