Five Things We Learned From Surfing -

Five Things We Learned From Surfing

Summer is coming. Take a pair of water socks and grab a surfboard,it’s time to conquer ocean.

Surfing is one of the most mentally and physically challenging things you can do, and as a result, the lessons it teaches you come think and fast.The truth is that there’s much more than catching waves in this sport, and we want to share some surfing wisdom that may help lead one to a better understanding of life:


1.Believing In Yourself Makes All The Difference

"Whether you think that you can or that you can't. You are usually right." - Henry Ford.
What you believe you can do is what you will be able to do. If you go out to surf believing you can't surf, you won't be able to.
There are countless times when I've gone surfing believing I can't, and I have always been right because that lack of belief changed my behavior out in the water.
I have never gone out to surf believing I can't and surfed well. I have, on the other hand, gone out surfing believing I can and surpassed my wildest expectations as to what I might be able to do.
You have to believe in yourself and your ability to achieve what you set out to; otherwise, you don't stand a chance of succeeding.


2.Never Give Up

The ocean, at times is a cruel place to find yourself. It can be a constant battle against the elements. When relentless crashing waves, howling winds and pulling currents keep you in one place, bringing on the hopeless feeling of getting nowhere, often so strong that with all the paddling fitness in the world against you, you still get stuck!  Persistence is key! Never allow the ocean to get the better of you. Push on in hard times.
Hard times in the ocean, like in life, do not last forever. Eventually the ocean gives way and a break from the continuous waves come. When you see that gap that is when you push just a little harder and break free from the stagnant feeling of going nowhere slowly.


3.You Don't Need To Be The Strongest, Just The Best Informed

I've never had particularly strong arm muscles. Really, they're pretty pathetic.
So when I first started surfing and would struggle to get enough speed to get onto waves, I assumed it was because I wasn't strong enough.
I didn't have the arm muscle needed to propel myself forward fast enough.
I was wrong. The problem wasn't a lack of strength. It was that I wasn't in the right place at the right time. I wasn't performing the right actions to achieve what I wanted to.

4.Recognise and enjoy the small things

Life is made of small beautiful moments, like those unexpected perfect waves with no one around, appreciate and enjoy each one that comes your way.
Humans as a species derive such pleasure from the ocean, as a food source, as a healer, as a playground and as a teacher.
I am grateful to have been a student of the most magnificent teacher!


5.Proper assistance for surfing is the key.

Pls don’t laugh about it, I was barefoot on my first surfing lessons, the small shock rock under the sea just hit my feet also my enthusiasm. Not crazy in surfing since my first try. My friend recommend me Watelves sand and water socks, I’m fall in love in first time. Order 2 pieces directly and it really surprised me. That’s the best socks water shoes ever. It not only protect my feet also encourage me to step on surfing board.

Surfing let me know :Obstacles will no longer be a roadblock but a challenge, which can be suddenly figured out. You start to experiment and are validating hypotheses about your life and tweak a little here and improve a little there. Just like surfing, you get back on the board, until you get the positioning right or finally nail that take off on the left hander. The moment you understand that life is nothing but a learning journey, anything becomes possible.
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