How Much Do You Really Know About barefoot shoes? -

How Much Do You Really Know About barefoot shoes?

With European fashion color "five-finger shoes", the sole surface is made of wear-resistant and non-slip polyamide material, the pure leather upper and the exquisite hand-made craftsmanship, its personalized toe cap----five "toes" , not only can stimulate the muscles of the soles of the feet, promote blood circulation, but also improve the range of activities, especially suitable for hiking, climbing, fitness and other sports.

birth background

In 2005, Vibram launched Fivefingers (Vibram five-finger shoes) in Europe for the first time in the United States. It is a foot cover, a true "second skin" that revolutionized the concept of "barefoot" walking.


Its revolutionary innovative design allows the human body's bones and meridians to operate more naturally and without restraint. Vibram Fivefingers®; Effectively makes the feet healthier, strengthens the muscles of the foot and calf, increases the range of motion of the foot and enhances plantar sensory reception - an important element in maintaining body balance and agility; it works by promoting the forefoot to touch the ground (Traditional running shoes promote the heel to the ground) and a more natural running way to reduce the impact on the knees, hips and lower back, making running safer and healthier. .


Since the opening of the Italian Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, it has received tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world. While people are fascinated by Italian culture, art, fashion and food, they are also amazed by Italian technological innovation. As one of the innovative products on display at the Italian Pavilion, the revolutionary five-toed shoes have been amazed by the tourists.

main feature

The barefoot hiking shoes is the only one in the world that offers the endless pleasure of walking barefoot, thanks to a unique sole that allows the 5 toes to move independently while still providing protection.

By allowing the toes to move more freely, five-finger shoes connect us to the earth in a way that traditional shoes cannot. You feel completely barefoot, and you are in real contact with the ground, allowing you to walk around the world more naturally and healthily. Five-finger shoes can stimulate the muscles of the soles of the feet, promote blood circulation, and improve the range of motion. Users have given high marks to this peculiar shoe, saying that the enhanced balance makes them more agile, more athletic, and virtually improves their walking posture.


Hook-and-loop closures on the heel and instep of this five-finger shoe provide a comfortable, totally uninhibited feel. The sole surface is a thin layer of anti-abrasion polyamide material, which is more wear-resistant and strong, which is both comfortable and fast drying. The rubber sole of the five-finger shoe has good grip, and the toes can move freely and independently, suitable for various terrains.


The most suitable sports for groundies shoes: hiking, climbing, qigong jogging, fitness training, yoga, Pilates, sailing, rowing, kayaking, canoeing, surfing, windsurfing, etc.


Since the sole is made exactly by the designers of the human foot, with non-slip rubber and fine indents, it should be more slip-resistant than any pair of shoes on the market. The sole surface is a layer of polyamide, which is more wear-resistant and stronger. The manufacturer even said that it can be used as a general climbing shoe that can play a good role, because the toes can move more freely, feel completely barefoot, and enjoy the barefoot outdoors.

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