Little do you know about barefoot shoes? -

Little do you know about barefoot shoes?

During thousands of years of human evolution, barefoot has always been the main natural movement mode of human beings. Barefoot shoes are like the "second skin" of the foot, completely changing the concept of "barefoot" walking.

Barefoot appearance

In 2003, the reporter Christopher McDougall found that the indigenous people in Tara Umala, Mexico, ran very fast, and their distinctive feature was barefoot.

Later he wrote a bestseller book---《Born to Run》, 《Born to Run》 has become a way for people to understand and discover barefoot sports. This book records the evolution of human steps and sports shoes, awakening the forgotten history of barefoot sports.

At the same time, scientists found that when walking barefoot, people are more likely to land on the ground with their front paws, avoiding landing with their heels, reducing the impact on the leg joints and reducing the risk of injury. Therefore, the concept of barefoot movement was put forward, and a running concept called "minimalism" came into being.

In order to imitate barefoot sports, a new type of sports shoes (minimalist running shoes) was born.

Rapid development of barefoot shoes

In just a few years, barefoot running shoes have developed rapidly and become a new style of popular sports shoes. With the development and promotion of marketing, more and more people begin to accept barefoot walking as a new trend of sports shoes. The main reason is that barefoot walking allows you to make more effective use of the natural abilities of your feet.

In 2009, only a few brand sports shoes manufacturers produced such shoes. By 2012, the number of manufacturers had grown to 28.

No matter which manufacturer makes barefoot shoes, the soles are light and thin, the fabric is soft and elastic, and the fit on the feet is perfect. The weight of single shoe is less than 200g. It is so light that people can ignore its existence.

What do barefoot shoes mean to you?

Promoting healthy and natural exercise means making some changes to your exercise style. Although some people may think that there is still a long way to go, it is important to be ready for change now. One thing you can do is change from regular sneakers to barefoot shoes.

Now there are many styles and colors of barefoot shoes, which can not only meet your sports needs, but also give you a variety of choices. The sole of the minimalist running shoes is very thin and can not withstand any cushioning force. We should slowly adapt to the changes of barefoot shoes. Barefoot shoes change the posture of sports and strengthen the muscles of both feet and legs.

There are many advantages to switching to barefoot shoes, including:

You can take barefoot shoes anywhere because they can be folded 360 ° and stored in a backpack without taking up too much space.

Barefoot shoes are thin and fit the ground better, which is good for your feet. When you wear thick shoes, your feet have poor adaptability to the environment and cannot develop normally.

This may cause problems in sports such as running, where you need maximum flexibility to run with minimal impact on joints. Barefoot shoes can adapt your feet to any shape you step on. Compared with ordinary shoes, it can move and bend your feet freely to get a better sports experience.

You are likely to suffer from health problems caused by ordinary sports shoes. Ordinary sports shoes work by exerting pressure on shoes and knee joints. Every step, every run, and every jump may cause unavoidable damage to your knees. Barefoot shoes exert pressure on leg muscles, so they can exercise leg muscles. With the increase of muscle strength, your muscles will gradually become stronger, your pain will be reduced, and your exercise ability will gradually improve.


If you love sports, we strongly recommend that you change your barefoot shoes, adjust your training posture, and choose more efficient and safer running shoes. If you can wear it often, your body and mind will become extremely healthy! This makes running easier!

We hope this blog can help you achieve a healthy and natural exercise plan. Thank you for reading!

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