The Top 6 Best Reasons, Why Water Shoes -

The Top 6 Best Reasons, Why Water Shoes

Having the right shoes on when venturing into the waters is as important as wearing the right outfit. Whether you’re going boating, snorkeling or just taking a leisurely walk in the beach, you need to cover your feet properly. The question most of you might be asking is, why wear water shoes when engaging in the beach or sea-related activities? Well, there are a number of reasons for that.

Here are some of the benefits of wearing water shoes:


  1. Protection

Perfectly closed water shoes can do much in protecting your soft feet against the sharp shells in the beach, the burning boat deck during summer as well as the rocky and otherwise unpredictable seabed as well as the burning boat deck during summer. The shoes can also come in handy when you want to protect your fit from getting stubbed while wading through murky waters or playing on a pebbly riverbank.


  1. Traction

Walking on slippery or greasy surfaces like docks, boat decks and smooth rocks barefoot can only make you fall and get hurt badly. But if you wear water shoes that are specially designed with rubber outsoles, you can enjoy optimal traction and support even as you maneuver through these surfaces.


  1. Lightness and Drying Time

The problem with wearing regular shoes when venturing into the water is that they get waterlogged easily and can get quite heavy. That can disrupt your smooth and otherwise fast underwater movements.

Even worse, the absorbed and retained water can cause squishiness and discomfort, something that might lead to painful blisters and foul odor.

Water shoes are usually designed with well-ventilated fabrics, perforations and multiple drainage points to help them drain water better and dry faster. That means you can wear them while walking along the beach, on the riverside, in muddy areas or while out in the rain.


  1. Comfort

Water shoes are designed with compression-molded ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) midsoles that provide ultimate comfort and support throughout the day while engaged in water sports activities. For even more breathability and faster drying, most of the shoes come in open or vented upper designs.

That gives you the freedom to throw yourself into the water and enjoy an unlimited adventure in the sea or river. You can never go wrong with good water shoes when going out on a summer or winter water sporting action!


  1. Insulation

When going swimming, diving or rafting during winter or fall, wearing water shoes can provide insulation that will ensure you feet retain warmth even in cold water.

Maintaining normal body temperature while underwater is critical because too much coldness and poor blood circulation might cause your muscles to cramp, something that can jeopardize your safety.

So apart from wearing a neoprene cap, a wetsuit and/or a waterproof jacket, you should also remember to put on a pair of closed water shoes. In fact, the shoes should be the first that appears on the checklist of the things you need to carry for your beach or sailing trip. 

  1. Breathability

Water shoes are made from flexible mesh materials that enhance breath ability. This not only keeps the feet cool but also ensures there’s improved water flow and better drainage when the shoes are submerged in water.

With a great deal of comfort and breath ability that come with these shoes, you just can’t get enough of the beach or ocean experience.


If you’re planning to take your family or friends to the beach for strolling, swimming or for some adrenaline-filled activities like windsurfing, kayaking or diving, carrying the right water shoes can be very important. Carrying sandals or flip-flops can only end up inconveniencing you and making your adventure less enjoyable.

Wearing water shoes on a river or sea-related adventure will help protect you from the slippery dock, sharp rocks, annoying sunburns and so much more. So don’t forget to include water shoes in your backpack when embarking on your favorite beach or sea adventures.

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