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Walking in Watelves

On several occasions, I thought to myself of needing a good pair of shoes that would withstand the ocean floors and much more.


My last trip to the Hawaii, I was constantly in water or hiking to get to the highest view of the island. I remember one morning, I was walking through the ocean waters to get to the boat with my old water shoes. There was literally no grip; I could feel every sharp particle I stepped on, which made it quite uncomfortable to wear. On the same trip. I remember hiking up the mountain, I wish I had lightweight shoes with grip.


I’m happy to partner up with WATELVES on comfortable and practical footwear for my adventures. WATELVES is a Chinese based company specializing in water and active shoes meant for hiking and adventuring in on any and all terrains possible. Their goal is to get people out and exploring the world without sacrificing comfort or being limited by their footwear.


My husband and I received the water shoes and put them to the test by hiking through Crystal Cove over the weekend. We walked a few miles in total through different terrains including a steep trail down to the beach.


Crystal Cove trail is a long stretch along the Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach, California. We started at one of the designated parking lots and made our way through the boardwalk. From there, we went off the beaten path to a dirt trail that wraps around the “real” trail, leading to a mesmerizing view of the ocean (from high up). Finally, through some decline and smaller path made from rocks that were put there overtime, we made it to the beach. It was a moderate trek but with the perfect footwear, it was possible to do. We walked along the shore as the waves rolled in and soaked our feet for a while before heading up using the trail.


It was very comforting to wear, provided great traction, and quickly dried for the most part by the time we reached our car. Best of all, they are extremely lightweight and can be slipped on and off so easily. The quality in these shoes is superior to other water shoes I’ve owned in the past. I’m glad to own one of these pairs; they will be one of the must-packed on my next trip!


This trail was definitely one of the unique ones that I’ve experienced. With the sound of nature mixed with the waves of the ocean, that’s pretty hard to beat! The next time I’m doing some crossing a river on a beautiful trail or walking in the water, I won’t have to think about my feet anymore since I’ll be packing these shoes with me.

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