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What Are The Best Shoes For Hiking In Water ?

When we chase waterfalls, we typically encounter water on our hikes, especially if the waterfall has good flow. So we often ask ourselves this question. Which is the best footwear that we should choose on our waterfall hikes?

Why Do We Need To Consider Which Shoes To Wear For Hiking In Water?


Regarding comfort, we’ve had hikes ruined by discomfort resulting from poor footwear selection or poor fit.And by discomfort, we don’t necessarily mean something superficial where we should just suck it up and press on.

Indeed, discomfort could lead to bigger problems like open infection-prone wounds, debilitating injuries, and risk to our general safety on the trail.


Not only do we care about having feet that are healthy and fully functional, but we also care about maintaining balance and control while hiking.

So we definitely take our safety very seriously, and it’s a major consideration when we try to weigh the benefits versus the cost of purchasing the right footwear for our waterfall hikes.


Finally, we consider cost when we choose which footwear to use on our waterfall hikes, but we’re not just talking about the cost of the footwear itself.

We also consider long-term cost like how long the boot or water shoe (depending on the situation) is going to last.

In the case of hiking footwear for waterfall hikes, they’re essentially tools that enable us to reach waterfalls more easily and safely.


So with that in mind, we definitely recommend water shoes.

The following is a short list of activities that water shoes are especially good for.

Water Sporting events




Hiking on muddy or wet trails



You may be surprised to know that the water shoes you remember are not the water shoes of today! Water shoes nowadays can resemble anything from a typical sneaker, to fashionable sandal, to toe-separated athletic shoe. While the booty style still exists and has its uses, water shoes offer far more variety and style than ever before.

Water shoes have a great many uses, and can do much more than flip-flops or sandals can. They will keep your feet protected from slips, sharp rocks, sunburns and much more. Next you go to hiking, make sure you have your water shoes ready!

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