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What do you need to know before traveling?

Travel is a relaxing thing.

I've seen trips that say go, I've seen trips planned months in advance, I've seen poor tours, I've seen wealthy tours... But no matter which way people choose, the purpose of travel is "comfortable".

No matter what kind of travel mode, making these preparations before travel can improve the travel experience.


  1. Destination

The first step, of course, is to determine your destination.

You can decide your travel destination according to your financial situation. If you have a big budget, go farther, if you have a small budget, go to a nearer place.

You can take a portion of your living expenses as a travel fund every month, and you will see a considerable number in the long run.

Although it is said that poor travel is also travel, having money in your hand is king, otherwise you fancy something, but you have to give up because you are too shy, it is really a pity!


  1. Time and Weather

When traveling, I personally recommend that you try to travel in the off-season. If you choose the peak season, you may not see the scenery, but a lot of people!

Also, be sure to check the local weather.Two or three days before you go out, you can check the weather for the next few days on your mobile phone to decide whether to change your itinerary.


  1. Travel mode

Once you've decided on your destination, you can choose the way to travel.

Airplanes, high-speed rails, trains, and buses are determined according to the distance of the location and the length of the trip.

Choosing the right way to travel is very important, and the most important thing is that you are comfortable!


  1. Luggage

It is recommended not to have too much luggage, just bring a suitcase, which is convenient and easy. Some comfortable clothing and shoes, we recommend barefoot running sneakers.

If you want to go to a place with water, remember to bring a pair of water shoes, so as not to hurt the sole of the foot, and lighter than slippers shoelaces, not easy to slip away.


In addition to toiletries, you can also prepare some tissues, digestion tablets, band-aids, and toilet water. Fill a small spray bottle with some toilet water and spray a little on the bare body when you go out to ensure that mosquitoes stay away from you!

Girls choose a pair of good-looking shoes, which can match well even when shopping for clothes.

Don't wear high heels! Don't wear high heels! Walking outside in high heels all day will tire you out!

By the way, girls remember to put a few aunt towels in the box, just in case.


  1. Dotravel guides

You can search the Internet for local food and attractions.

You can directly Google it. A more direct method is to ask friends who have played there.

Write down the place to go on a sticky note, determine the route, choose a place with a compromise and convenient transportation, and then look for a house around, which can save a lot of time and have more time to play.


  1. Hotel

Don't be greedy for cheap and find a particularly biased place, it's not safe with few people. Go to the city center and find a good place to live in peace of mind.

In addition to safety, my requirements for the hotel are that the place where I live is the center, there should be a subway or bus nearby, and the place to play is not too far from where I live. It is recommended to look at the local traffic on the mobile map.

Or directly search for the place you are going to, and find out if there is a place to live nearby. Generally, there will be theme hotels near scenic spots with high traffic, and the prices will not be very high.


Doing some preparations before traveling can effectively avoid the embarrassment caused by some unexpected situations. I hope these will be useful to you in front of the screen.

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