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What footwear do you need for canyoning?

Canyoning is a very popular water sport today. It consists in an exploration of nature. In terms of equipment, a rigorous approach is required. To do canyoning, you need a good equipment which includes shoes and not just any shoes. It is recommended to use canyoning shoes or water shoes, as they offer more safety.

What footwear do you need for canyoning?

Canyoning is an exceptional water sport and enthusiasts know it. What makes this sport a real marvel is that you can have the chance to slide down waterfalls or jump in basins of varying heights. Anyone can do canyoning. You just need to be able to swim and immerse yourself. Canyoning requires special equipment. First of all, you need at least :

a full wetsuit and neoprene socks;

a harness with lanyards and a descender;

a helmet that meets mountain standards;

a pair of water shoes.

In the previous list, it is the last point that is the most important. Wearing water shoes. Wearing shoes gives you the freedom to enjoy outdoor activities such as canyoning. There are some crucial factors that you need to consider when you want to make a choice of shoes for canyoning.


 Safety first!

The first is that it offers you a safety at any proof. Water shoes allow you to be more stable and have a reassuring base for venturing onto slippery terrain. You should know that in a river, canyon or stream, the wetness, erosion-polished bottom and the existence of mud, moss or algae cause more than one slip.

However, canyoning shoes are among the most neglected materials. Some people usually spend enough money on shoes that are not suitable for this type of terrain. Others find themselves on a descent with old shoes. The only shoes that can give you real grip at all times in very different conditions of washed and wet rocks are water shoes. Their soles are non-slip. Many canyoning accidents are caused by simple slipping. The soles must be in perfect condition. A sole and grip are not enough to make a descent safe.

Water shoes are designed to protect your feet and withstand the sometimes harsh conditions of the water and rock world. Water shoes protect your ankles while allowing for safe mobility. These shoes keep you balanced with the laces and protect you from unwanted slippage while canyoning.


Good water drainage

Water shoes guarantee excellent water drainage. When they are made, they are equipped with holes that help to drain water or sand as quickly as possible. Therefore, the use of this shoe facilitates drainage and it is never full of sand. For those who have ever walked distances along a stream with conventional shoes, they know how exhausting and uncomfortable it is. Aquatic shoes can easily get the water out while keeping your feet protected. Just imagine the amount of water you'll be dealing with in the canyons. It's best to get water shoes.

The outsole of the water shoes serves as protection for your feet from sharp objects. You won't have to worry about the potential risk of your next move. §The last point is the style and quality of the shoe. It may be trivial, but it's something to consider. Canyoning is fun. To practice it, you must be comfortable. This is where the style of the shoe comes in.


A stylish shoes

Simply liking the style of a shoe connects you more to it. The stronger the connection, the more fulfilled you will be in your sport. It's lucky for you that aquatic shoes don't come in one standard model, but in different styles. So everyone is free to choose according to their taste.

The same goes for the colors.When it comes to quality, you should demand the best. Rubber shoes are the most resistant. It is a material very much used in the manufacture of aquatic shoes. It is clear that water shoes are essential and best for canyoning. The characteristics of these shoes match the needs you have for canyoning shoes.

Canyoning can be done with shoes like those used in hiking, but these are not ideal. In summary, water shoes are essential for canyoneering, in that they are made for water and are strong enough to protect your feet from injury. The types of water shoes you choose should be carefully considered. Choosing an aquatic shoe is an exercise in comfort, freedom of movement and style.


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