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What’s the Best Footwear for the Beach?

You have probably already had the idea of putting on your sneakers or flip-flops to go to the beach, but also to go swimming. It must be said that your feet are exposed to risks as soon as you put a toe on the sand. Indeed, the latter is quickly hot and can cause burns in case of strong heat. Not to mention the possibility of stepping on a crab, shells or other marine species that can hurt your feet. And these are also prone to sunburn! 

The right pair of water shoes (also known as beach shoes, aqua shoes or aqua shoes) will give you the freedom to go where you want, whether hiking in the creeks, rafting on the Doron in Savoie, or simply lying on a beach on the beaches in California in reading your favorite novel.

As we will see, there are several "musts" to consider when buying your next pair of water shoes: your water shoes should be easy to clean, quick to dry and provide the traction you need for your activity.And of course, your shoes should look good too !

What you wear on your feet is very personal. Just like other types of footwear, water shoes should appeal to the heart as well as the senses. You want to feel good about your water shoes and be able to use them even if you don't plan on getting wet.


We want you to consider the following BEFORE purchasing your next pair of water shoes :

Quality of water shoes at entry and exit

Most modern water shoes are made with traditional and synthetic materials. When you're hiking on mountain trails that zigzag through rivers or streams, you need a pair of breathable water shoes that provide ventilation for your feet and a capable outsole. to absorb all the shocks. Conversely, when you're in the pool or the ocean, you'll appreciate the lightweight materials that allow you to move effortlessly underwater.

What a Whatever the terrain, all water shoes should share one common trait: Water shoe materials should drain quickly and not absorb water. Shoes that retain water will remain wet longer. We ran dry time tests and found that some materials actually take 3-4 days to dry.

Shocked? We were too. That's way too long for a high quality water shoe (or any shoe for that matter). Drying times that extend over several days create a moist environment that facilitates the growth of yeast and bacteria. Inevitably, mold forms, which contributes to stinky shoes and feet, as well as the risk of foot fungus ! Yuck !

When looking for your next pair of water shoes, carefully examine the materials used by the manufacturers. We did a lot of testing to make sure the materials we use ventilate and dry quickly. Plus, our lightweight water shoes protect your feet without weighing you down.


Coming back to comfort in your aquas hoes

Most water shoes don't have the extra padding you'll find in regular dress shoes. However, a good pair of water shoes won't require you to compromise between function and comfort. A well-designed pair of water shoes will give you the comfort you need, from the sole to the upper materials so you can focus on your water activities.

At Watelves, we select our water shoes and sandals "bottom up" and always use high quality outsoles to ensure you sufficient support and comfort, without sacrificing the weight you need for your water sports. Our water shoes have high quality rubber soles and an extremely durable construction, making them excellent for river treks or your next water lesson. 'water aerobics.

The key to a good fit for water shoes is that they should fit snugly but not so tight that they become uncomfortable to wear. The right fit ensures that your shoes will stay on your feet in the roughest waves and won't float off! The binding around your ankles should keep your feet engaged in the water shoe, reducing the degree of slippage of your foot when wet.

As mentioned above, the best water shoes should be light and airy. Our customers often tell us that they feel like they're out of shoes when they wear our models. Maybe we should also start making underwear ?

Banner with aqua shoes water shoes Fluidity even with the humidity of your water shoe !

Anyone who's ever taken off a soaked t-shirt can imagine the extra effort it takes to take off regular athletic shoes that are soaked. Along with the two extra pounds of water dangling around your feet, your wet shoelaces are completely knotted and impossible to undo.

Fortunately, water shoes manufacturers have thought about this small detail and some manufacturers have given it a bit more thought than others.

The best water shoes feature stretch mesh in the upper that performs two main functions: first, the mesh allows water to flow through when you're on dry land, and second, the mesh material is much easier to remove when you're ready to take your aqua shoes off.

By choosing the right shoes for the sea, you can provide yourself with the perfect amount of safety and comfort for a great vacation.


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